Have you seen any half clad , dirty children roaming the streets?
Have you seen any young children working in shops?
Have you seen any children begging on the red lights?

If you have 
Have you felt a pang of guilt or despair?
Have you wondered how you could help them without making them dependent on you?
Have you ever thought of making them grow to be self reliant and steady?

If you have

Then Join us in helping them to provide the first few steps towards making them good self reliant citizens of India

We help them understand and nurture basic life skills
We help them understand the meaning of hard work and discipline
We provide them a substantial meal a day
We make them literate
We provide them wholesome education and
We help them acquire skills that can help them live without worrying about to get their daily bread , butter and shelter


Tax Information

All donations to us are exempt under Section 80G of Income Tax vide NQ.DIT9E0I2009-AE20904-22102009 dt.22.10.2009

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