Ashoka Chakra

Apnaghar school has 4 houses which have been selected from the 24 spokes of the Ashoka Chakra. The 24 Spokes of Ashoka Chakra  represent the 24 hours in a day and are the symbols of  

1. Love 2. Courage 3. Patience 4. Peacefulness 5. Magnanimity 6. Goodness  7.  Faithfulness 

8. Gentleness 9. Selflessness 10. Self-Control  11. Self Sacrifice 2. Truthfulness 13. Righteousness 

14. Justice  15. Mercy  16. Gracefulness  17. Humility  18. Empathy  19. Sympathy 

20.Spiritual Knowledge 21. Moral Values   22. Spiritual Wisdom 23. The Fear of God  24. The Faith or Trust or belief

After much deliberation on what Apnaghar feels are important values for the students and society the following four houses were selected viz.:

  • Truth - represented by the Yellow color
  • Morality - represented by the Blue color
  • Courage - represented by the Red color
  • Justice - represented by the Green color
All students and teachers are assigned houses and based on the performance of each house a trophy for the Best house is awarded to the winner.The assessment is based on academics, sports and extra curricular activities of the students. The trophy is kept in the school and is passed on from house to house depending on the winner. This inculcates a spirit of healthy competition among children and also a will to keep doing better in every sphere of life.