Q. What are different ways in which we can contribute to the Apnaghar society?
A. You could contribute any way that suits you , in cash, kind, effort and time. However, to make it easier for you we have certain models in place which could be a guideline for you. In addition, based on the need of the hour , we could guide you further.

Q.How can we be sure that our contribution is being utilized for the purpose that it has been given?
A. We keep you informed about the activities of the school on a regular basis and if you have contributed for a particular purpose , a statement of you account is sent to you. In addition a statement of the audited accounts is uploaded on the site for your convenience.

Q.How many students are there in the school?
A. At the moment there are close to 225 students in the NOIDA branch, 80 students in Rishikesh and 50 students in the Vrindavan branch.

Q.What is the management vision and mission?
A. Primarily to provide holistic education to the children and provide support to their families in whatever way possible. For details click here.

Q.What is the medium of instruction?
A. English

Q. How many qualified teachers do we have?
A. Click here to know the details of all the teachers that we have. It is our endeavor to keep upgrading the skills of our teachers by providing them exposure to different teaching methodologies through interactive programs in different schools, workshops and shadowing. For details please click here.