Extra Curricular Activities

"Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I'll understand"

Apnaghar is constantly aiming to provide the children holistic education which can never be complete without the extra and co-curricular activities. The school nurtures a rich environment of providing training in Sports , Music, Dramatics, Dance, Art and Craft , Stitching etc.

Sports :
 The school boasts of a Burma Bridge, rock climbing wall a small playground and swings. It has tied up with a nearby Shiv Mandir for a bigger ground where the students practise for different races etc. The school has an annual sports day also in the Shiv Mandir ground. The Steria Foundation is also sponsoring a Karate teacher who comes twice a week and trains all students from class 1 to Class V



Steria has sponsored a Karate teacher for our school who comes twice a week for 2 hours each. The students are very enthusiastic about learning and have shown a lot of improvement since the inception a couple of months back.


The school has taken up a classical music teacher on contract who comes twice a week. Each class is provided with one music period per week. The students are showing a marked improvement in their singing and were able to present beautiful melodies on the Annual day celebrations last year.

The school constantly endeavors to provide holistic education to students. Unfortunately we have not been able to tie up with any regular dance teacher but have been helped by many volunteers to hone the dancing skills of our students.One of the volunteers has agreed to take dance classes for all classes at least once a week from the next academic session and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it actually turns into a reality. A glimpse of the voluntary service provided by the volunteers is given below in the form of pictures.


Art and Craft:

Regular periods for this have been put aside for all classes. The results are visible on the school walls as well as the diyas and envelopes made and distributed on Diwali.

Voluntary classes are also being taken by Ms. Sangita Ghosh and ......for decorating small idols. Many children have benefited from the efforts and can look forward to this being as one of their hobbies and stress buster.

Dramatics :

Teachers have been made responsible for English and Hindi dramatics and the students get ample opportunity to display their talent on various events as per the annual event calendar as well as the annual day celebrations


Declamation and Quiz Contest : At least once a year a declamation and/or a Quiz contest is held to provide the children an exposure in public speaking and increasing general knowledge

Stitching :  Regular stitching classes have been started in the school for all students in which they are taught basic stitching skills.

Participation in Inter school Competitions : Ample opportunity is provided to the students to participate in inter-school competitions in sports, academics, art and craft etc