Advisory Committee

Mrs. Shashi Mendiratta

Shashi is an independent educational Consultant in the educational domain for the last 30 years. She has been involved in various activities in the domain right from establishing schools , running them as a principal, and working for the Delhi Govt. for building comprehensive leadership and school management capacities of school heads to impact student learning,school systems, environment and culture. She has worked in the capacity of a think Tank member with SSA Mission Director and completed short term assignments with NCERT, Aga Khan Foundation , Sri Ratan Tata Trust and some non govt. organizations. Shashi has done several studies for educational support of underprivileged children in tribal areas, and been instrumental in curriculum development for them and adoloscents.She has also designed and implemented teacher development programmes for Govt. and Pvt. schools.
Shashi is currently a) designing and leading integrated educational interventions for vulnerable children especially street children, capacity building activities, engaging in increasing and disseminating knowledge around the disadvantaged child and children in difficult circumstances (b) Consultant for ICICI Foundation for Process Documentation of comprehensive reforms in school and teacher education undertaken in partnership with the Government of Rajasthan. (c) Mentor for the National Centre for School Leadership team in NUEPA. 

Mr. Vijay Raina : IT and e-learning
Vijay is an engineering graduate and MBA (Finance) from Nottingham Trent University,U.K. He is a Business/Financial consultant and has a vast exposure running businesses in India particularly in the Engineering and IT domains. He has extensive exposure of Equity Research , Analysis and Investments, Financial Consulting and Venture Capital Funding. His major interest is in start-ups as well as private equity investment in small and medium businesses in India.

Vijay has developed and implemented Information Management Systems, B2B portals, Knowledge Management and Sourcing Systems and Business Network Systems.

In his quest to give back to the society and reach out to the masses he formed  the INDIA E SCHOOL CHARITABLE TRUST , a Not-for-Profit initiative which Provides Educational Content to Under-Privileged Students through He has been associated with Apnaghar for providing the right guidance for training the teachers to make them adept in providing computer aided learning to students and also provides technology related advice to the management.